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 Fee Schedule


*Chef Fee

The chef fee includes the fee for Chef Sharon and possibly her sous chefs to plan your menu, shop for all ingredients, prep all the food, cook it properly, cool it using strict food safety guidelines, label it, and store it in your refrigerator for you to enjoy later. Your labeled food will provide complete heating directions and a menu will be provided for each service. If a sous chef accompanies the chef, there is no additional charge to you. The fee schedule depends on your dietary needs, amount of food to be prepared in servings, and the type of service you require. Our fee is due at the initial consultation. The cost of the ingredients and groceries is due on the cook date. Chef Fees start at $350.00 for four (4) or fewer entrees with up to two side dishes, and does not include the cost of containers or groceries. If you want more than four entrees or more than two side dishes, the chef fee will increase. Please know Chef Sharon prepares food for clients on a regular schedule meaning she does not accept temporary assignments. If you are interested in hiring her, she will assign you to a set schedule based on availability. 

*Container Cost

The containers used in a Personal Chef Service are varied and need to be available for each cooking date. Some food may be vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and longevity. Your containers need to be clean and available for each cook date. You will reimburse the actual cost of any necessary containers to the chef. The container receipt will be left at your home for payment.  Please remit payment from the receipt. Additional containers may be needed if they become damaged or lost and could be replenished by the chef.


*Cost of Groceries

The cost of your groceries will depend on your menu selections. If you prefer specialty recipes, specialty cuts of meat, hard to find items, or prefer organic selections the cost of your groceries will be higher. Chef Sharon will work with you personally to determine your needs and follow your specific guidelines regarding grocery selection. We prefer to shop at local markets in The Woodlands, TX to insure quality and fair pricing, however, personal requests will be considered. We also have sources for local produce and organic fresh herbs if you wish. If you are budget minded we can work with you personally to create a menu your family will enjoy that is custom yet affordable. Some items for your chef date will be purchased prior to service from various locations and the total grocery bill will be reflected on your invoice.



The chef fee is due before or on each cookdate. Your grocery fee will be tabulated during the service cook date and due that day. If you are not present during the cook date, arrangements will be made for you to leave a check as payment. Chef Sharon accepts personal checks or cash. You can also be billed you monthly to reduce paperwork. 


*Side Dishes

The above service includes applicable side dishes. For example if a stir fry is prepared, it may include quinoa, rice, and garlic mashed potatoes may accompany meatloaf. Usually 1 to 3 entrée options will include 1 side dish, the 4 or 5 entrée service will include 2 side dishes, and the 6 to 8 entrée service includes 3 side dishes. Some clients prefer to add their own side dishes, which is your prerogative. Your side dish will be selected based on your food preferences set from our interview. Our entree only service is very popular and you choose the main dishes you would like to enjoy and you provide all side dishes on your own. The chef fee is the same but your grocery bill is thus reduced. Side dishes are usually chosen by the chef to include seasonal selections or reflect what is available at the market.


*Menu Selections

You may pick from a wide variety of entrées from our extensive menu selections or we will be happy to use your own recipes. We can choose recipes based on your food preferences for each cook date and if you have any special requests you can make them by Friday the week before your service. We will email our suggested menu to you the week prior to cooking for your approval. Our selections are also based on making the best use of your kitchen regarding cooking times and methods. We cannot have all ovenable items for example and need necessary cooling times for optimal food safety.



An effort will be made to prepare your menu as planned, however, your grocery items may not be available at the market that morning. If that occurs, Chef Sharon will change your menu to reflect what is available with no notice to you. She will maintain your food preferences as much as possible, based on your initial food preferences menu. All fresh vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, and perishable items are always purchased the morning of your chef date and simply may not be available.


*Service Inclusions

Our service includes an extensive food and kitchen consultation so we can define your dietary preferences, personalize your menu selections according to your requests and plan for shopping, prepping, cooking, packaging, and clean up. We leave complete heating directions on your custom menu and will provide containers as referenced above. We shop for your perishable ingredients the morning of your cook date to insure freshness. In some cases we may shop at more than one location so our arrival times are varied.


Our fees also includes some pantry items like cold pressed olive oils, vinegars, various condiments, coconut oils, flour and other dry pantry ingredients, quality dried herbs, and sugar for example.



We use our own chef knives, specialty knives, and pots and pans but will sometimes use your stock pots, small appliances or crockpots. All the food is prepared in the safety of your home kitchen as we are not a delivery service. We will bring with us all necessary items like pressure cookers, rice cookers, mandolines, and whatever necessary to accomplish our menu selections.


*Cancellation Fee

Fee payment is due for any cancellations received less than 72 hours in advance of a scheduled cook date except in the case of a true emergency. This does not apply to rescheduled cook dates. If we have purchased any groceries prior to a cancellation, the grocery fee will be completely non-refundable regardless of circumstances or rescheduling. Our specialty service involves procuring ingredients from a wide variety of retail outlets including online specialty ingredients, which we must be reimbursed for. Our planning for your cook date begins days and weeks before the actual day we are in your home cooking.



We cook for others for a living and like you we want to get a paycheck on Friday. We prefer to set our cooking schedule up on a quarterly basis to insure our income and reserve your cookdate. If you want to discontinue our services for any reason we simply ask you give us as much advance notice as possible so we will be able to fill your slot in our schedule. We do not require you to sign any long or short term agreements, preferring to do business on a handshake.


*Our Food Philosophy

We value the health of our clients and the health of our planet. Our goal is to provide quality food using the freshest ingredients we can find and prefer to use organic and locally grown products as much as possible. A seasonal menu is important to us in order to make the best use of local fresh offerings. We continually educate our team on the value of optimum nutrition, cooking techniques, and the benefits of using high quality ingredients.





Sharon Worster, Chef and Proprietor


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